Friday, May 20, 2011

Gears Of War 3!!

I am very excited about the new gears of war. I have played the demo and I had an awesome time playing it. Although some weapons may seem a little bit overpower at times like the Retro Lancer and the sawed off you quickly learn how to counter these guns by using range or wall bouncing

The Retro Lancer
I really like the sawed off but in general the gnasher takes more skill to use and if used properly can cause a lot more damage than the sawed off since the sawed off only has 4 bullets. The sawed off shot gun has a much bigger cross hair ( almost your entiire screen) and it can kill multiple people at one time. (The most have gotten is 4 with one shot)
The Sawed Off shotgun

The Gnasher Shotgun

The graphics in the beta of gow3 look amazing and realistic. Overall the maps are made well and balanced. I got bored within two weeks probably because there was only 4 maps to play on. hopefully when the full game comes out there will be much more maps.

Old Town


Overall GOW3 is going to be amazing and is a must buy for me.

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